Historic Heroes

*Award of excellence, Visual Culture Awards 2010* Series about the Lucky Seventh armored division group. All members own one or more WWII vehicles, originally used by American, British, Scottish allied troups. Lucky Seventh was an American armored division, based in Limburg during WWII. They also collect uniforms, music, tents, equipment and especially stories about WWII. When they organise tours, they drive around and visit former battle places in Holland. Some of them adopt the identity of one of the many war heroes for 1 day, Like 'Tinus' (Herman in daily life), the british dressed motor cyclist. They aren't veterans, all of them were born after '45. I made these story because I find it interesting to see how these people visualize the heroic stories about the battlefields of WWII in Holland. They feel a little like heroes, dressed up in original uniforms driving aound in the war vehicles.

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