quad rugby

The Quad rugby project is currently exhibited in various rehabilitation centres in The Netherlands Press Release Photo Exhibition In 2011 photographer Wiebke Wilting photographed various rugby tournaments at home and abroad that the Dutch wheelchair rugby selection took part, including the European Championship in Switzerland. Quad Rugby is relatively unknown in the Netherlands, in contrast to countries like the U.S. and Britain. The sport, originally developed for people with spinal cord injury, was officially part of the 1994 Paralympic Games and is rising worldwide popularity since then. Quad rugby is an extremely fast and tactical game, players drive in wheelchairs especially developed for the rough work. Unlike rugby wheelchair rugby is played with a round ball. "It's spectacular to see, even if you do not know the rules," said Wiebke Wilting. "It looks extremely aggressive, and yet it is a sophisticated game with many tactics involved. This series was created through the eyes of an outsider. I knew nothing of rehabilitation and disabilities, but have photographed many people in rehabilitation centers. These people always seems so vulnerable to me, they seem ‘broken’ and need to be repaired. Rugby is a different story, the players have their disability, but they’re tougher than most people without a disability. The Book Quad Rugby is for sale in the Blurb store: http://nl.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/2904116

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